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Built with tranquillity in mind, the 4-star JinHold Hotel & Serviced Apartment is an urban oasis that brings you a sense of contemporary style that is both refreshing and comforting. Situated close to the Miri International Airport, which is the 6th busiest airport in Malaysia, we aim to be a serene sanctuary for business travellers, transit passengers, and airline staff as they escape the hustle and bustle of life.

By weaving lush greenery and flowing water into the surroundings, we serve to bring you a seamless experience of comfort. This can be further sensed through the large expanse of semi-enclosed terraces, surrounded by greens while meeting rooms are cocooned by timber decks, clear pools, and rich gardens. Rest assured that no matter what, be it for business or pleasure, you will find the comfort and calm you desire.

"Our hotel rooms and serviced apartment units are based on an open layout concept in which space becomes less compartmentalised, allowing for a smooth flow of natural light, air, and energy."

All-natural materials and finishes were selected to create a sense of purity. Each and every architectural element such as water features, plants, and screens play a part and purpose in bringing meaningful spatial narrative that speaks to our guests.

If you're seeking a destination of comfort and tranquillity, look no further than JinHold Hotel & Serviced Apartment.

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